Student Responses to the
Abernethy Acres Field Trip (2001)

On our trip to Mrs. Abernethy's house we rode a horse on the trail. Some people went to the creek while others went on the rest of the trail. The weather was not swimming weather, but did that stop our class? Well it didn't. They jumped in and they were cold. They stayed in the water and got used to it so it wasn't cold any more. My favorite thing was the animals. She has dogs, horses, a cat and ducks that I played with.
By: Stacy

I had lots of fun at Abernethy Acres! I got to ride the horse, ride bikes, swim in the swimming pool, go swimming in the creek and I went through the big tunnel that was in the creek. I played tackle football with some of my friends. I also played fumble, rumble. I got to roast marshmallows and sit by the fire.
By: Josh

Abernethy Trip: We had a trip to Mrs. A's house. It was fun, because we went on a horse ride. We swam in the pool. It was cold, but fun. We made a fire. We needed it bad for when we got out of the pool. We played with the ducks. It was funny because they could swim under water. We had fun at Mrs. A's house.
By: Mackenzie

On May 29, 2001, we went to Abernethy's Acres. It was fun! We got to have donuts for a fast snack. After that we took pony rides on the horse trail. If we did not want to walk on the horse trails, we could walk down to the creek. It was cold. Then it was almost time for lunch and we had lots of chips and pretzels. Then it was time for swimming, if you were brave enough to jump in. Some of us just jumped in and got out and some of us stayed in. My favorite part was when the ducks got to swim for the first time.
By: Brittany

At Mrs. A's house we got to play in the creek and we got to go swimming in the pool. It was cold, but we swam anyway. Then after that we had a bonfire and we cooked hot dogs. Then we got to ride Spike the Wonder Pony and play with all of Mrs. A's son's reptiles.
By: Jimmy

When we went to Mrs. Abernethy's house we had fun!!!!! We went on the trail with Spike. We played in the creek. We went swimming, but it was really cold. We ate lunch and had a bonfire. Most of the girls brushed a horse and got most of her winter coat off.
By: Heather

We went to Mrs. Abernethy's house on Tuesday. I liked the horses and horseback riding. I liked going swimming. I liked going hiking in the woods. I really really liked it.
By: Rebecca

Mrs. A's House: It was fun going to Mrs. A's house. I liked going in the pool, but I didn't swim in the creek because I wanted to ride the pony. I loved the trail and riding on Spike. I loved getting the games in the garage to work because I got to play with them. We also saw the ducks! The marshmallows were great! I loved them, too!
By: Ava

I liked going to Mrs. A's house. I liked riding the horses and swimming. I liked roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. I liked riding bikes and playing games. I liked going in the ditch. It was all a lot of fun.
By: Kenny

I liked when we rode the horse. I tried to catch the rooster, but I couldn't do it. I liked when we went swimming in the pool. I had a lot of fun on the trails.
By: T.J.

I really liked the Abernethy Acres field trip. I had lots of fun. I really enjoyed riding Spike and swimming was fun, too. I also liked cooking hot dogs on the fire. The field trip was a lot of fun and it was even better because my mom came.
By: Doug

I had fun at Mrs. A's ranch. I rode the horse two times. We went swimming in a four foot pool. It ws cold, but we still were swimming. My mom went, too. We saw all Mrs. A's ribbons. We went down to the creek and walked in the water and went through a tunnel. We rode bikes and we had a bonfire, too. We had fun. My mom said she had a good time too. It was a good day!
By: Donnie

We went to Mrs. Abernethy's farm. It was the coolest house I ever went too. I rode the pony four times. I got to walk the pony, too. We went swimming in a four foot pool. We had a bonfire and cooked hot dogs on a stick. I rode bikes in the woods and we played games on the lawn. I had a blast!
By: Tyler

When I went to Mrs. A's house, I swam, rode Spike the Wonder Pony, and went looking for salamanders in the creek. For lunch I had a cookie, two sandwiches and chips. When I got in the pool, it was really warm. When I got on Spike, I felt like a real cowboy. I'm really going to miss Mrs. Abernethy.
By: Brandon

Abernethy Acres is the coolest farm EVER. I didn't quite like the pool, but I did like the creek. The creek was warmer than the pool. We got to ride Spike the Wonder Pony on a trail and later in the pen. Stacy and I got to groom the Wooly Mammoth horse. Those were my three favorite parts on our field trip to Abernethy Acres!
By: Devin

I liked when we got to swim in the pool. We got to play in the stream and got all wet. We got to ride horses. We weven got to feed the horses. My family said that they had a blast at Mrs. Abernethy's house. We had a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We got to let the ducks swim. Hope you have fun next year!
By: Caitlan