Practical Texts, Directions and Ads

PA Grade 5, Reading Anchor

Identify, explain, compare, interpret, describe, and/or analyze the sequence of steps in a list of directions.

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Study Island
Character Trading Cards
Create character cards with this generator
Letter Generator
Create friendly letters and business letters
Double Entry Journal
A handout that allows you to write reactions to text
Write a Recipe
Write step by step instructions for a recipe
Timeline Tool
Use to create a timeline of different events
Comic Creator
Use this interactive tool to create comic strips
Book Cover Creator
Use to create a cover for a book with information.
CD/DVD Cover Creator
Use to create a cover for a CD or DVD with information.
Flip Books or Stapleless Books
Create up to ten page flip books
Printing Press
Use to create newspapers, brochures, flyers and booklets
Hints About Print
How to decide if a book is appropriate for a research project
Letter Poem Creator
How to write a poem
Line Break Explorer
How to decide when to break a line in a poem
Free PowerPoint Presentations
for following directions
Book Cover Guide
Teaches the parts of the book
Parts of a Newspaper
A game to help you identify the different parts of a newspaper
Structure of a News Story
Understand how to find information in a news story
Free PowerPoint Presentations
for parts of a book
Right There Strategy
Self-paced tutorial that helps you to locate important information