by: Rachel

Chessy is a female ferret. She is a combination of black, brown, orange, and white. She is very active and flexible. Her favorite way to be held is like a baby. Chessy's favorite thing to do is sleep in her little hammock that is attached to the top of her cage. She is so cute and loveable. Chessy loves to give you kisses (sometimes they are a little sloppy). She can tear up a desk in 2.2 seconds trying to dig her way out of it. Chessy likes to be the center of attention. If Chessy is tired she will go to sleep wherever she is. If she gets mad or scared she will flip out and run around like crazy. She is one of my favorite classroom pets.

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The Electronic Zoo site features tons of links to Web sites that are specific to ferrets.


Chilly is a chinchilla and his fur is as soft as Charmin bath tissue...actually it's softer. Each day, he takes a dust bath. It's really fun to watch. We love Chilly!



If you want to learn more about chinchillas, click the links below.

California Chin Association
Information on Food, Health and Frequently Asked Questions about Chinchillas

Chinchilla Snacks
A list of snacks for chinchillas.

Chinchilla Informational Page
Chinchilla site with pictures and facts on diet, breeding, bathing, housing, health and more.


Peanut Butter is our class mascot and she is the best bunny ever. She has proven to be gentle, kind, and affectionate. She loves to be held.

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Feeding Pet Rabbits
A care sheet on feeding rabbits

House Rabbit Society
Send a Bunny Postcard, view pictures of bunnies and more


Hershey is a black and white guinea pig. She has been part of our classroom since she was a baby. She captures everyone's heart with her gentle nature and affectionate ways.

If you want to learn more about guinea pigs, please click on the links below:

Critter Network
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Canny Cavies
For a lighthearted look at the guinea pig, with a British twist, visit the Canny Cavies Web site. A variety of helpful information is included, along with the jokes.

Cavies Galore
The Cavies Galore Web site has much to keep guinea pig fanatics busy. There are links, discussion groups, on-line games and much more.

Visit OinkerNet for a huge list of links to guinea pig sites all over the world. You'll also find cavy FAQs, Guinea Pig TV, and other fun items of interest

The Cuteness Zone
Includes a list of dos and don'ts for feeding your guinea pig


By: Rachel

Tornado is a Bearded Dragon Lizard. We're not sure, but we think she's a girl. She is brown with orange and yellow highlights. She has spikes going up and down her sides.

Tornado likes to sit and get sprayed with cool water. She loves to cling to your shirt. Her favorite snack is crickets and worms.

Tornado may frighten some people because she is a lizard, but she is very loving and wouldn't harm a fly unless she was eating it.

I love Tornado. She is one of my favorite classroom pets.

If you want to learn more about Bearded Dragon Lizards, please click on the links below:

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Sidney's Web Page
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Bearded Dragon Care Sheet
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Caring for a Bearded Dragon Lizard
Wonderful site for tips on care


Each year our class hatches ducks. When someone asks a question that is off topic, our class motto is "and speaking of ducks."

Hatching Ducks
Learn how to hatch duck eggs.

Hatching Duck Eggs
Information on how to hatch duck eggs.

Dogwood Acres
Buy ducks or duck eggs or just browse this site.

A list of breeds of ducks and information about each breed

The Domestic Waterfowl Club
Information and pictures of many breeds

McMurray Hatchery
A catalog to buy eggs and supplies

Duck and Goose Hatchery
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American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
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Poultry Fact Sheet
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