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Powerful Penguins Civil War Site

Civil War Wikispace
View all of the 2009 projects created by Mrs. Abernethy's Global Gorillas

Civil War Sallie
Meet Sallie a traveling bear who goes to schools to teach kids about the Civil War

Teaching the Civil War with Technology
A great site with resources and information on the Civil War
American Civil War Thinkquest
This web site gives the visitor a feel for the war and exactly how costly and tragic it really was. Information is given on battles and people.
Civil War Songs and Poetry
Great collection of songs and poetry from the Union and the Confederacy

Civil War.Com
An awesome site dedicated to the Civil War

The Civil War Home Page
Very good site where you can search topics relevant to the Civil War


Study the Civil War while you play Battleship
Gettysburg Kids Page
Mostly about Gettysburg, but lots of other good info on food, soldiers, flags, even a quiz and more.
Library of Congress Pictures
View pictures up close taken during the Civil War era.
Interactive Game
Who am I? A History Mystery

Photographs, maps and more!
Some short civil war videos

Links, battle maps, photos